Circle of Light

Circle of LightThe Light Festival. The Circle of Light Third Moscow International Festival.
The Circle of Light is a bright event for Russian capital, which is becoming the Moscow Government’s traditional autumn present to the Moscovites and the capital’s guests. The city environment will be filled with the energy of light, each of he five Festival sites will be lighted and united into the light circle. This year, these will include Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Tsaritsyno Park, Bolshoi Theatre, and Manege. In the evening, on each of them all visitors will be able to see video projection programs for free. Viewers will enjoy stunning multimedia and musical shows, light installations, interactive activities, laser and audiovisual shows, presentation of ART VISION contest works and much more – for more information read the "Event Schedule" at the Festival web site at In Digital October Center for three days educational programs will be available. The Festival guests will be able to appreciate the works of renowned Russian and foreign artists as well as of young light designers, gain knowledge, attend workshops of leading Russian and foreign light professionals.

The Circle of Light is a unique project enabling everyone to see the new faces of the city’s familiar look, in which light designers and 2D and 3D professionals will use the city’s architectural environment for multimedia and light installations.
This year’s Festival subject is the Light Relay. Right at the time of the event, the Olympic Torch will be delivered to the capital, which will start its grand march over all 83 Russian regions. This is for several decades that the Light Relay has been symbolizing peace, unity, friendship, purity, inspiration, and, above all, light.
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