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Natural Phenomena - Videosapien Timelapse. Очень красивое видео Time-lapse, собранное по всему миру.
Humans are part of the natural order. Were risen apes that acquired language and learned to use tools. Skyscrapers and spacecraft may seem unnatural, but theyre just as much a part of the natural order as beaver dams and bird nests. Boring electrical lines hint at the energy solution of a mammalian species. Open your eyes to the world youve grown accustomed to, and rejoice in the fact that you participate in the human project.
ReidGower -
Shot by me @ReidGower
Artist: DatA. Song: "Blood Theme". Taken from the album "Skywriter". Courtesy of Ekleroshock Records and Naïve Editions.
Shot on: Nikon D300, Canon 5DMII, GoPro Hero 2.

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