Ночной свет. Light Of The Night. Time-Lapse.

Ночной свет (Light Of The Night) - видео Time-Lapse с большим количеством ночных сцен (ночь, ночное небо, звезды, ...).
12,500+ photographs, 3,000+ miles driving, 250 miles hiked, and 500 hours later, I am very happy to present to you, Light Of The Night. A short film capturing just a small sample of the beautiful New England star filled landscapes. Putting this short film together has been one of the most incredible journeys Ive yet to embark on. Traveling from place to place, hiking hundreds of miles of New Englands trail systems, meeting a an awesome bunch of other photographers along the way, the lovely and unpredictable New England weather, and last but not least spending so much time under the stars, are the memories that I will remember for a life time. I couldnt thank my friends enough for being a part of this project in one way or another! Whether it was hanging out while shooting photos, hiking out to spots, taking long drives from place to place, answering technical questions, putting up with me sitting at the computer every day for a month straight, you have all helped out so much!
See more at: http://www.cmgfoto.com/

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